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Carestone Property Fund

Carestone Property Fund is a non-listed investment fund that invests in quality healthcare real estate in the Netherlands. The Fund realises stable returns by investing in a growing market with reliable long-term tenants.

The fund’s GOALS are:

  • Purchasing, developing and managing healthcare real estate
  • Maximizing returns for investors, combined with building up a stable, long-term real estate portfolio,
  • To offer investors the opportunity to invest in real estate in sufficient scale and in portfolios with investments spread over different types of real estate,
  • Strengthening the value of the real estate by rental growth and solid management
  • And doing all of the above while providing a very good environment for the tenants, their patients and staff.

The Fund invests in various real estate segments, with focus on:

  • Primary healthcare properties:

The Fund is optimistic about the prospects for centres where different primary care disciplines are available, e.g. GPs, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, maternity care, etc. Units known in the Netherlands as AHOED centres (Medical centres with GPs, Chemists and paramedics under one roof) offer patients fast and customized service, while offering savings for the care providers.

  • Residential locations for senior citizens:

Many senior citizens have or are developing a need for care but still wish to remain at “home” for as long as possible. And thus, there is a growing requirement for residential complexes where the elderly can live independently but with customized facilities and access to care. Growth in the market for private residential care is clearly visible. Given the ageing population, economisations in the health care system and the increasing number of elderly people with means, it is highly probable that the trend will continue.

  • Nursing homes for people with special needs:

These people with physical and/or intellectual limitations require complex and customized care and housing.

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